Thursday, October 10, 2019

No Commission Stock Trades

     No more excuses, you can now trade with very little money. Open a brokerage account NOW and start trading. Even if you can only fund it with $50 dollars. You can now start making money in the stock market.

     Opening an account is easy and you fund it straight from your checking account. Transferring in or out from a bank account is easy and free. Add to it when ever you want without paying any fees.

     Before with commissions it was difficult (but not impossible) to make money with less than $1000. To "buy" cost $5 and to sell cost $5 for a total $10 and that amounted to 1% of your $1000 portfolio. Meaning your stock has to go up 1% just to break even. Now you keep that $10 instead of paying it to your brokerage house.

      Small accounts (as in the before mentioned $50) make small profits just because of smaller dollar amounts.  NEVER think in terms of the dollar amount you are making but concentrate on the percentages. Make 2% on $50 = $1, make 2% on $500 = $10, 2% on $1000 = $20.

     Would you be happy making 25% yearly on you money? That is less than 1/2% a week. Now remember with $1000 you had to pay 1% in commissions. See what a game changer this is for the small investor.


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