Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday 10/29/2019

     This post is a continuation of the $50 a month stock challenge I started October 14, 2019.  Click on, "No Commission Stock Trades", on the right side of the page to read from the start. 

7:30am (CDT)
     It's Tuesday and life again gets in the way, I will leave about the time the market opens and will not return until after the afternoon (hopefully a couple hours before the market closes).

     Trades can be made on the "smart phone app" from your broker, but I am a Neanderthal and still prefer my "flip phone". I could take my laptop buy I really will not have much time to use it.

CVI (ex-date 11/1) needs a substantial pullback and a limited number of days to recover before 11/1, but a dividend payout of $.80 is close to my 2% (if it gets a large pull-back today).

HP (ex-date 11/7) had a pull-back yesterday and an another might come today (the futures point to a lower opening at this time).

8:02am (CDT)

AROC (ex-date 11/6) not a big % mover (not always a bad thing) but might be a small be safe (relative speaking) play.

We are only buying on a pull-back (price drop) today!

8:31am (CDT)
   Entered "limit order" 1 share HP @ $38.80.

3:15pm (CDT)
     Another day without a trade (No trade is better than a bad trade). When entering a trade that I know I can not watch, I always enter an extra advantageous price.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

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