Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday 11/18/2019

         This post is a continuation of the $50 a month stock challenge I started October 14, 2019.  Click on, "No Commission Stock Trades", on the right side of the page to read from the start. 

 Monthly target of 2% = $2.07 - $1.03 (made) = $1.04 (needed)

      $103.61 (self imposed November trading limit)
      $  36.00 invested 2 IVZ ($0.62 payable 12/2)
      $  23.80 invested 2 ETRN ($0.90 payable 11/22)
      $  41.15 unsettled funds (cash on 12/19)
      $   2.66 to invest

     About the $41.15 unsettled funds. I sold HP for $41.45 but can only use $41.15 because of my self impose monthly limit.

      I need $1.04 additional profit this month to reach my 2% goal, ETRN dividend of $0.45 (per share) x 2 = $0.90 payable (recordable) on 11/2...... $1.04 - $0.90 = $0.14 net still needed this month.

7:30am (CST)
     Since my proceeds from my HP sale will not be available (unsettled funds) until tomorrow, I will concentrate on trying to sell IVZ and ETRN.

     Enter "Limit Ext-Day" trades
     2 IVZ @ $18.18
     2 ETRN @ $12.15

     Over the weekend I always update my "wish list". I drop stocks that have gone "ex-date" already and add one week further into the future.  I generally include the present week and 2 weeks further in the future.
8:32am (CST)
     SLB in the low $34s is a "buy" but I have no cash today. Hope it holds these lows until tomorrow. This is what keeps me excited about the market. 

10:20am (CST)
     AMC, I love when a stock I am interested in is down the day before I have money to buy it. The more stocks I watch the better information I have for a buying decision. Wow, 52wk low, RED FLAG until it recovers

     I mention these today because not everyone is on the same buying schedule. Even if you have no money, you get an insight to my thought process.

Disclaimer, I am not a profressional.

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