Sunday, November 24, 2019

Seriously, are you listening to yourself!!

     You are ROFL at the peanut money (a couple of bucks) I made this month. While the whole time saying I DO NOT have $50 a month to invest. How is $50 insurmountable but $2 is chicken feed?

     IF you can not find $50 a month, how are you EVER going to have ANY money to invest. Are you going to look back with regrets when that $50 a month that you couldn't afford, (total BS by the way) turns in $1,000, that MUST sound like a HUGE sum when you say you can't find $50.

     You can not sit on your butt and expect to achieve your goal, UNLESS sitting on you butt IS you goal.

     $50 is not very much money but IT is a start. Wealth (relative to your current financial situation) can be built over time.

     Remember it only takes $2500 @ 2% monthly to make $50 that VERY LARGE amount you do not currently have.

     Of course this post pisses you off. Since your legs are too short to kick yourself, someone needs too.


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