Saturday, November 16, 2019

Using the Stock Dividend Calender "Part 3"

          This post is a continuation of the $50 a month stock challenge I started October 14, 2019.  Click on, "No Commission Stock Trades", on the right side of the page to read from the start. 

      Please read, part 1 and part 2  before reading this post to fully understand it.

     The Facts Sheet provides valuable stock information to help with your selection.
      I increased the size but you can always "click" on photos to enlarge them even more.
     This "screen shot" of the fact sheet for XOM was taken 11/8.

     Starting at the top and working our way down, first on the left and then on the right, I will explain the areas I feel are important to me and why. 

      XOM       70.77      - 1.37      (1.9%)
stock symbol, current price, amount up/down, percentage loss/gain.

     The stock symbol and name of company = incase you are not familiar with the stock
     Current price = can I afford the share price (I prefer stocks $10 and above)
     Amount up/down = I prefer to buy when the stock price is down for the day 
     Percentage loss/gain = Just recovering to yesterdays close will yield the percentage of loss

     OPEN    71.61
     This is the first stock transaction as the market opens (has nothing to do with pre-market transactions)

     PREV. CLOSE    72.14
     The last trade of normal market hours yesterday (has nothing to do with after-market trading yesterday)

     LOW/HI   70.66 - 71.80
      The price range low to hi for the current day = where the current price falls within the range  

     52 WK     64.64 - 83.75
     The price range low/hi for the last 52 weeks (1 yr range) = buy at 52wk low and it will almost always go lower, buy at 52wk hi and you may have paid the highest price for a long time to come

     P/E Ratio    17.38
     Price/Earning Ratio = if this is N/A, then the company has no earning

     DIV YIELD     4.9%
     Yearly dividend yield = I prefer "quarterly payout" (4 times a year), for this stock the 4.9% / 4 =  1.22% paid 4 times a year, this gives the stock price room to move up ahead of the dividend ex-date

     STOCK TYPE     Common
     Stock type refers to how the stock is classified = Stay away from MLP's until you know the tax implications of its dividend payouts. REIT's are required to pay out large precentages of their profits by law (this can be both good and bad)
     SECTOR     Energy
     This explains what sector your stock is in = do not have all your stocks in 1 sector if you own multiple stocks 

     INDUSTRY     Oil & Gas Integrated 
     Show the part of the SECTOR the is in = you might like the "energy sector" but not like "oil & gas"

     Date when company earnings will be announced 

     AVG (90day)
     Average daily volume for the past 90 days = low volume (25,000 or less) might make it hard to find a buyer when you need to sell (never take a large position in a thinly traded stock)

   Then I say, "I prefer", that does not mean a "hard set rule".  Every day and every trade is evaluated in the moment. 
Disclaimer, I am not a professional

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