Thursday, January 02, 2020

Thursday 01/02/2020

      This post is a continuation of the $50 a month stock challenge I started October 14, 2019.  Click on, "No Commission Stock Trades", on the right side of the page to read from the start.

     I start the month with $214.98 to invest and that will be my self-imposed trading limit for the whole month. 

     $214.98 x 2% = $4.30 profit needed.

     $214.98 self-imposed January trading limit.
    -$   8.48 invested 2 WPG @ $4.24
    -$ 61.60 invested 1 VZ @ $61.60 (ex-date 1/09) 
    -$ 35.10 invested 2 CXW @ $17.55 (ex-date 1/03)
     $109.80 balance to invest

7:10am (CST)
Enter "GTC-EXT" SELL orders
     2 WPG @ $4.40
     1 VZ @ $62.15
     2 CXW @ $18.22

     January can be a difficult month. Prices rise and you can get trapped in a trade because February is generally not a good month. Not "set in stone" but a general observation.

     I continue to use the dividend calendar to help locate possible trades on stocks paying over 4% annual dividend. I will diversify my holdings by having several stocks in my portfolio and not putting "all my eggs in one basket".

     That being said, any new position I enter, I will try to exit before the end of the month. At least with a dividend paying stock, I get paid to wait should I need to.
10:30am (CST)
Enter "Limit-Day" BUY order
     1 TNA @ $70.25  (10:35 FILLED)

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

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