Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday 10/23/2019

8:30am (CDT)
     After yesterdays profit of $.79 I start the day with $52.79 but only $10.72 settled (tradable) cash.

10:30am (CDT)
     With the market up about 75 points (about .28%), it appears I will not be trading today.

7:45pm (CDT)
     No trades today buy my unsettled funds well settle overnight. Tomorrow will be a short market day for me as I have to go out of town about noon (CDT).

Disclaimer, I am not a professional. 

Screen shots of TRGP trade

     One complaint I have with Sink or Swim by TD Ameritrade is that even though Sink or Swim trading platform updates immediately, their TD Ameritrade website only updates nightly.
     The accrual trades do not show until the next morning.
This shows the trade. You will notice commission ($0),regulation fee ($0) that will not always be the case. 
This shows profit and lose and percentage of ROI.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday 10/22/2019

 7:00am (CDT)
     We start the day with 1 share of TRGP @ $39.28 and $10.72 settle cash .
     Letting the trade matureis fine and I know I will be earn $.91 per if I keep TRGP until 10/31 (dividend ex-date).
     Because it was held overnight, it will not be a day-trade even if I sold it today. That frees up a the $10.72 to buy with today. I prefer to never be in the position to not be able to sell at my discretion.

     As always, I start by checking my stock dividend calendar . Dividend paying stocks are not the only stocks I play but at least the dividend gives you some "down-side protection" when your stock selection goes down (yes it will happen). If that happen, check for any news that might have effected it and then I always compare my stock to how the general market is performing.

8:30am (CDT)
     I have to step away from the market for a few hours but my "Limit GTC" order, 1 share TRGP @ $40.07 is still in place.

1:pm (CDT)
     Well I see my order was filled 9:15 (CDT)

     $40.07 sold
    -$39.28  bought
      $   .79 profit (2.01% (ROI) 1.38% on portfolio
     I know you are laughing at a $.79 profit but a 1.58% portfolio increase overnight is not bad.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday 10/21/ 2019

6:45am (CDT)
     We have $52.00 cash (settled cash), of that only $50 (my monthly starting balance) will be invested at any time.
     We made 4% on your $50 so far this month (only started on the 14th).

     $1000 x 4% = $40
     $2500 x 4% = $100
     $5000 x 4% = $200
     Do not underestimate the power of a small account. We all have to start some where.

7:45am (CDT)
     I start my day with my divided calendar , searching dividend ex-dates starting tomorrow and for a week or so. Todays ex-date is to late (ex= means without) to collect the current dividend. I search for 4% or higher annual yields and paying quarterly (4 times a year). That gives a payout of 1% or more per quarter.

8:20am (CDT)
     Looking for possible entry
     OPI  (ex-date 10/25 = 7.1% annual)
     ILPT ( ex-date 10/25 = 6.2% annual)
9:55am (CDT)
     Entered "Limit Order" for 1 share TRGP @ $39.28

10:35am (CDT)
    Bought 1 share TRGP @ $39.28
    Entered GTC (good till cancel) @ $40.07

The charts are EDT and I am CDT, hence the hour difference.

    TRGP ex-date is 10/31 with a $.91 per share payout. I would prefer to take less in profits and move on but I have that $.91 to count on if needed.

    $10.72 available to trade

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Trade Book & Calendar

1:50pm (CDT)
     I know your trades are on your brokerage account but please keep a "trade book". A simple spiral notebook works great. I record= day, time, stock symbol, number of shares, price. I just check my "trade book" without having to open my account. A closed trade is drawn thru with a highlighter, red for losing trade and green for profitable trade.
     If you have one or more open trades that are days old this really comes in handy.

     I also use a regular calendar to record my "day-trades". A simple "X" for each day-trade and I can till at a glance how many of the 3 day-trade allowed in a 5 day rolling window are still available to me. Violate that rule and your account will be restricted (cash only trades that you should be using anyway) for 90 days.

     I use "Limit Orders" and never know "if or when" they will be filled. I keep them on a small (3x5 spiral notebook) scratch pad until they are filled (or I choose to change them) and I can transfer them to my "trade book". The scratch pads is also used to record any future trade ideas.

     These are not rules, just suggestions and your record keeping will evolve with experience.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

Comparing Apples to Apples

8:40am (CDT)
      The old saying, "apples to apples" means comparing "things that are alike" and "apples to oranges" means comparing "different things" and different things are not really comparable.
     Comparing your stock market account to mine is comparing "apples to oranges". Even comparing my account one month to the next is comparing "apples to oranges".
     The "apples to oranges" simply means the amount of our accounts have different balances.
     I have a millionaire friend (I am FAR from that) and when we talk about our account loses and gains, we compare that "apples to apples" by using percentages.
     Making $25 with a  $50 account would be difficult as it represents a 50% increase but making $25 with a $1000 account is just 2.5%.
     That is why using percentages is a true indicator of how you are doing. There are two percentages to consider. Invested money percentages (uninvested money makes no money) and account percentages.

     1. Invested money, ROI (Return on Investment) is profit divided by investment.
         This is how each stock trade performed for you.
     2. Account percentages is profits divided by total account balance (both invested money and uninvested money). This is the true measure of your account performance.

     In my $50 a month challenge , I hope to make 2% a month on average for a VERY respectable 24% yearly return. Since each month will start with a different amount (adding $50+profits from previous month), it is that amount I need the 2% monthly gain.
     I am not talking about paper money profits or unrealized gains, there is not real profit or loss on any stock you own until it is sold.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Weekly Recap Oct 14-18, 2019

6;45am (CDT)
     I will recap my week and compare it with the market. The benchmark averages are the DOW and the S&P 500.  The S&P 500 is a broader indicator because it averages 500 stocks compared to the DOW only having 30 stocks to average.
     That being said, the DOW is the most quoted by the news media.


     The five day chart shows the DOW in red and the S&P in blue.
                        The Dow was down nearly   1/2% (.48%)
                        The S&P up about                1/4% (.26%)
                        Our profits for the week       4%

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.   

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday 10/18/2019

8:30am (CDT)
     With only $7.90 cash to invest I may or may not make a trade today. My "unsettled funds" will turn to cash Monday.
      As always, I will update when I make a trade.

9:00 am (CDT)
     I entered a "limit order" (meaning I will only pay that amount or less) for 2 shares of WPG @ $3.95, it is currently trading for $4.03.
    I can place a "limit order" and walk away from the market. I do not have to babysit on order.

2:45pm (CDT)
     Well WPG moved away from my "limit order". Monday when my unsettled funds turn to cash I will have $52.00 to invest. I will not invest my profits, I will only have $50 invested at any one time. When I sell an investment, those proceeds are no longer invested and I can now invest all of the remaining money from the $52 as I know "unsettled funds" are the same as cash (in two days).

     I had a very solid 4% profit for the week on my $50 account.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional.

Dividend Strategy

     We are thru with APA for now. Today is the last day to buy the stock to receive the $.25 dividend. The ex-date is 10/21 (Monday), ex-date mean WITHOUT dividend.
     In a perfect world (yea, sure), Monday the stock should open $.25 less than the closing price today.
     Monday opening price will of course be dictated by market conditions but will always reflect that $.25 reduction. Remember to receive the dividend you have to still own the stock at the end of the day before the ex-date.
     On the ex-date is you still own the stock you will receive the dividend of $.25, but not on 10/21. Monday 10/21 is the ex-date, the "pay-date" determined buy the company is when you will receive the dividend.


Day Trading Update


     I have now used 2 of my 3 day-trades that I am allotted in a "rolling 5 day period". When I add Monday 21, Monday 14 will fall of the list. My intentions are not to "Day Trade" but take the profits when they accrue.
     I have $7.90 cash to invest ($44.10 unsettled funds), I would only invest this money if I find something to hold overnight or longer (Friday until Monday) as I do not want to use a day trade for the very small profit that can be generated on such a small investment.
     I started the month with $50 and for the whole month that will be the total amount invested at any one time. I do not want to invest my monthly profits. Unsettled funds are like waiting for your paycheck.

Mon   Tues   Wed   Thurs   Fri
14       15      16       17      18
           X                  X


Disclaimer, I am not a professional.  

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday 10/17/2019 $50 a Month Challenge

7:15am (CDT)
       I start the day with  $51.00 cash (settled funds) and the Dow and S&P Futures point to the market opening higher.

836am (CDT)
     Bought 2 shares APA @ $21.55 entered GTC sell order $22.05. I can always modify it.

    -$43.10  (2 APA @ $21.55)
     $  7.90 cash to invest.

9:15am (CDT)
     Sold 2 shares APA @ $22.05 (again it is not always this quick and easy).

     $44.10 proceeds from APA sale
     $  7.90 cash
     $52.00 account total

10:27am (CDT)
     I made $1 profit on my $43.10 investment (2.32% ROI) and a 2% gain on my $50 starting monthly portfolio balance.
     My total monthly profit of $2 is a 4% gain on my $50.
     Again, do not focus on the $2 profit but focus on the 4% gain and apply that to your portfolio size.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional. 

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