Thursday, April 06, 2017

Not spectacular results

My "side job" resulted in a 7.14% cash profit for my client for the first quarter of 2017. These are not "paper gains" but actual cash profits. Less than I had hoped for but he was very pleased and  that it all that is important.

He was hoping for 12% for the whole year or 4% a quarter. Past results do not predict future results but I have been pretty contestant for several years.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Is it really December?

     December already and another year is almost in the books. We have been in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the entire year and then some.

     Judy doesn't leave the trailer often but she is happy as long as she has her evil "Facebook".

     As for me, I have picked up a "side job". I manage a 401k for a friend of mine. I get paid a percentage of the accumulated profits. That keeps me occupied.

     On a more personal note, my son is now a Professor at UALR in Little Rock so he is only an hour away. The closest he has been is twenty years. Yea!

     I really don't see any changes in our live until major health issues arise.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Local Government at its best

Biloxi has a new minor league baseball team and a baseball stadium needed to be built. Plans were drawn and bids were let. The city said they could BARELY afford the "have to have" stadium.

The team owners and league said if the stadium could not be completed by the "home opener", the city would be fined $10,000 per home game.

First problem, after starting the stadium it is learned that it does not have enough seats to meet the standard for new league rules. Cha-ching, $1,000,000+

Second problem, someone forgot to include a scoreboard. Cha-ching, $1,000,000.

Third problem, they fire the general contractor and try to be letting bids to all the sub-contractors. Cha-ching.

Now the stadium will not be completed on time and best case it will cost the city $250,000 for missing 25 home games.

Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Makes one wonder how many more city and county leaders will be charged with kick-backs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back Again

     After spending the summer in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we are back in Gulfport, Mississippi for the winter.

     The summer was exciting and my son received his PH.D from Penn State, very proud of him for achieving his goal.

     We added a new Chevy Malibu to our stable (I know, me with a damn Chevrolet), maybe I am mellowing in my old age. We didn't want to buy a new truck, so the car is now our principal transportation and the truck is mostly used to pull our camper from point A to point B and double as a second vehicle when needed. Plus the new car should last us the rest of our driving lives.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

I wish her the best

      I first saw her about two weeks ago parking in a small parking lot connected to the local Wal-Mart. The lot appeared to have been built in hopes of a small business locating there but it never happened and now people living in vehicles use it without being hassled
     Three days later she had not moved. It was a warm day and she had the sliding door of her mid 90's Dodge  (with Florida tags) mini van open and sitting just inside. She appeared to be in her 60's.

     I bought a Jr. Whopper and fries and placed the change from a $5 bill in the sack and parked where she could see me approaching her. As I neared the van, she closed the door leaving about a 5 inch opening. I made eye contact when I stopped about six feet from the van. She had a scared look in her eyes and was lightly moving her head side to side. I said "please" and gently placed the bag on the van floor through the small opening as she moved out of my sight to the rear of the van. As I moved back and entered my truck I was seated high enough to she her opening a purse to put the money in it.

     It turned colder for several nights with the temps in the mid 30's and I continued to worry about her. On our next Wal-Mart trip I bought her a few items that could be eaten with no preparation, maybe not the healthiest but food is food. Crackers, tuna in pouches, viennas, chicken in a pull top can (like tuna), a jar of peanut butter, banana and some snacks.

     Her van had been moved but was parked in almost the same spot. It was still rather cool, so the door was closed. I stepped up to van and looked inside, she was not there. She had part of an old egg-crate mattress pad, blankets, emergency blanket (looks like thick aluminum foil), styrofoam coffee cups on the dash, and in general disarray of living in a van.

     Two days later I again tried to delivery the supplies. The van was in the exact spot as before but when I approached the van I noticed nothing on the dash. When I looked inside, the van had been completely cleaned out, no trash or anything left.  I checked and the Florida tags had been removed.

     I can only assume someone came and picked her up and pulled the tags. I just hope she is now warm of body, heart and mind.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hell No

     No this is unacceptable. Ice and snow on the Mississippi gulf coast. Last Friday we had  icey roads with hundreds of accidents and they are calling for more today and tonight with the possibility of snow mixed in. Teenagers here have never seen snow.

     We are "snowbirds" but do not want to see snow. Maybe I will just sleep though it as great weather is forecasted for the weekend.

     Maybe I will make lemonade from the lemons, seems I will have ice for it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lottery Ticket Job

What is a "Lottery Ticket Job" and where do you find one?

     Lottery ticket jobs are EVERY WHERE and available to most EVERYONE. Don't laugh and say that is simply not so.

     First off, a lottery ticket job is not one that pays enough to retire after a year or two. It is a job that usually pays a little more than the normal job in your area, with health insurance at a reasonable price, and maybe a 401k with some form of match (FREE MONEY). Should that job have a retirement plan, then you have really hit a lottery ticket job.

     Go to work every day and contribute to the 401k and before you know it you can retire with enough income to replace your "take home pay" from work. For a working type man, it doesn't get any better than that.

    With the job paying a little more than the norm in your area, you can pay health care, contribute to a 401k and still take home as much as your present job. Now that is a "lottery ticket job".

     The job doesn't have a 401k, then open a Roth Ira (open one even if your job has a 401k). Your future will be taken care of. A Roth Ira is a terrific vehicle to save for retirement. "Goggle" it to learn more but a simple answer is:
     All monies and any profits they earn can be withdrawn "tax free" at age 59 1/2. Any contribution that has been in the account (but not any profit on them) for five years or more can be withdrawn tax free.

    You need to earn a living so why not get a "lottery ticket job" and earn your retirement at the same time.

     Even small towns have these jobs, sometimes towns of 2500 or less but 10,000 or more and there will be multiple employers. Just remember you are looking for a "job" and not a position. Most national companies have these jobs and they are in your town.

     Don't laugh they are there. Maybe not large manufacturing plants but did you consider a company owned Napa Auto Parts Store, Dollar Store, KFC, Kroger, or even a locally owned small plant or business.

     Don't want to work until retirement then at leave any 401k monies in place and earning until you do retire. Work at a lottery ticket job for 5 years when you are young and you will have a much better retirement than you would have had.

     "How much does it pay" is not the important question but "what benefits does it have". A quality company takes care of its employees and are hiring.

     If you do not do well in live, don't blame anyone but yourself !








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