Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lottery Ticket Job

What is a "Lottery Ticket Job" and where do you find one?

     Lottery ticket jobs are EVERY WHERE and available to most EVERYONE. Don't laugh and say that is simply not so.

     First off, a lottery ticket job is not one that pays enough to retire after a year or two. It is a job that usually pays a little more than the normal job in your area, with health insurance at a reasonable price, and maybe a 401k with some form of match (FREE MONEY). Should that job have a retirement plan, then you have really hit a lottery ticket job.

     Go to work every day and contribute to the 401k and before you know it you can retire with enough income to replace your "take home pay" from work. For a working type man, it doesn't get any better than that.

    With the job paying a little more than the norm in your area, you can pay health care, contribute to a 401k and still take home as much as your present job. Now that is a "lottery ticket job".

     The job doesn't have a 401k, then open a Roth Ira (open one even if your job has a 401k). Your future will be taken care of. A Roth Ira is a terrific vehicle to save for retirement. "Goggle" it to learn more but a simple answer is:
     All monies and any profits they earn can be withdrawn "tax free" at age 59 1/2. Any contribution that has been in the account (but not any profit on them) for five years or more can be withdrawn tax free.

    You need to earn a living so why not get a "lottery ticket job" and earn your retirement at the same time.

     Even small towns have these jobs, sometimes towns of 2500 or less but 10,000 or more and there will be multiple employers. Just remember you are looking for a "job" and not a position. Most national companies have these jobs and they are in your town.

     Don't laugh they are there. Maybe not large manufacturing plants but did you consider a company owned Napa Auto Parts Store, Dollar Store, KFC, Kroger, or even a locally owned small plant or business.

     Don't want to work until retirement then at leave any 401k monies in place and earning until you do retire. Work at a lottery ticket job for 5 years when you are young and you will have a much better retirement than you would have had.

     "How much does it pay" is not the important question but "what benefits does it have". A quality company takes care of its employees and are hiring.

     If you do not do well in live, don't blame anyone but yourself !







Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nice place to spend the winter

We are just off I-10 in Gulfport, Mississippi at Campgrounds of the South for the winter. Three miles to the beach and casinos from four to fifteen miles away. Nice quit campground and we are away from the section used for the overnighters.

Wal-Mart, K-mart, movie theater, fast food and casual dining within blocks and far enough off the interstate for it not to be a problem.

We will not have shorts and tee shirt weather all winter but nice mild temps overall. As we are not campers on vacation but fulltimers living in a rv year round, it suits us fine.

All this and only a days drive of about 400 miles if we should have to return to central Arkansas.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Heading south

     We have been in Tunica, Mississippi for about three weeks on our way to the gulf coast for the winter. It has been a great summer but it is time to run for more moderate winter weather.

     Had to replace our camper tires as all were starting to separate. I hope that it was just a bad set as they only had 12,000 miles with lots of tread left on them.

     Our camper came with a hid-a-bed couch that was not very comfortable to sit on. Finally replaced it with a double recliner love seat. It is electrically operated and VERY comfortable.

     Can't believe we put up with that other couch for so long. I am not much of a recliner man but I do enjoy raising the ottoman part under my legs. Did I mention how comfortable it is?
     We are headed to Gulfport, Ms. for a month and if we like it we will spend the winter. If not we will head where we do like it.
     It's a tough life but we suffer though it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot Springs, Ar.

Well summer time finds us in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a month, after a three month stay at Steve and Beverly's place in Fordyce. Always a great time visiting them.

While at Steve and Beverly's we welcome a new grand niece into the fold. She defiantly is a cutie pie.

Hot Springs has Oaklawn Race Track and Casino and the casino is closing their Texas Hold'em poker room today. I have played everyday and today will determine my total profit or loss.

Hot Springs is rather small but offers all the amenities we seek. We are staying at Mill Pond RV Park about 4 miles out of town. The park was once owned by Larry Snyder, a jockey for many years and a Oaklawn Park favorite. Older park with smaller rv sites but it is too hot to sit outside anyway.

We are really enjoying our slower pace of moving around. A month long stay seems to fit our old bodies.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Okatoma Resort & RV Park

We have moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi as we make our way back to Arkansas. Okatoma RV Park is a nice park with about 75 rv lots and a dozen or so rustic looking cabins and park model cabins.

There are several "catch and release" small lakes on the grounds with the smaller one surrounded by the rv lots and cabins. A nice swimming pool is also on the grounds.

It is a Passport America park and we are allowed 4 nights with FHU's for $13 a night.

This is the "foot bridge" across the lake to the the showers and bathhouse. We needed neither so we chose this side of the lake.

This was taken from the foot bridge looking back into the park.

Of coarse ducks go along with the lake.

These are some of the rustic cabins
and some of the park models.
This is taken out our front door. All in all a rather nice campground.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies

Judy made oatmeal-raisin cookies to take to our twice monthly pot-luck dinner here at Azalea Acres Campground. Several people bragged on them and one lady wanted the recipe. Turns out that couple is also from Arkansas.

Tonight was Soups, Breads, and Desserts. A lot of Yankees and Canadians here in the campground and the "soups" were a little different to say the least. It's more about the the fellowship any way.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Beautiful Weather

Time for a little maintenance before we hit the road again. I did the monthly check on our  "batteries"
and battery box  and then I changed the oil in our Yamaha generator.

The generator is on the rear bumper and access is through this hole in the box and of course the oil drains out the bottom.

Just remove this blue panel and the oil plug and oil fill is in easy reach. Dang Sam, you need to wipe that generator, it looks filthy.
Everything is now ship shape for a little boondocking is we choose to.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Promised Land

Saturday was movie night ( actually we saw a noon matinee as I don't like to drive after dark) and we saw Promised Land a movie about "fracking" natural gas wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale region.

I am a fan of Matt Damon and have first hand knowledge of "fracking" having lived in Arkansas and its Fayetteville Shale boom.

The movie trailers depict a more exciting show than it really was. An enjoyable movie that was on the dull side.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Two Years

I can't believe it has been two years since that cold day in January, 2011 since we hit the road. .

That said, it seems that we could not have traveled all the miles and seen all the sights in just two years. Not to mention all the friends we have made.

We have been to the states of Washington to California in the west and Florida to Maine in the east, criss-crossing this vast nation and enjoying our journey.

Our future plans are to continue to travel but to slow down a little.


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