Friday, October 25, 2013

Heading south

     We have been in Tunica, Mississippi for about three weeks on our way to the gulf coast for the winter. It has been a great summer but it is time to run for more moderate winter weather.

     Had to replace our camper tires as all were starting to separate. I hope that it was just a bad set as they only had 12,000 miles with lots of tread left on them.

     Our camper came with a hid-a-bed couch that was not very comfortable to sit on. Finally replaced it with a double recliner love seat. It is electrically operated and VERY comfortable.

     Can't believe we put up with that other couch for so long. I am not much of a recliner man but I do enjoy raising the ottoman part under my legs. Did I mention how comfortable it is?
     We are headed to Gulfport, Ms. for a month and if we like it we will spend the winter. If not we will head where we do like it.
     It's a tough life but we suffer though it.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Hi Judy! HI Sam! I am excited to hear you'll be on the Gulf Shore this winter. I'll be looking for you late January, early February!

squire said...

Sounds great, I'll post our location when it is finalized.

Rachel said...

That couch does seem so uncomfortable to sit on. But is it big enough to sleep on? I think I could fit on that. :>

squire said...

Rachel, the photo is of the new recliner/loveseat and yes I have taken several naps on it. I let my feet rest on the part that is in front of the arm.


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