Friday, August 24, 2007

!@##@$%^% blogger!!

I'm so sick of blogger loosing connection and not "saving" my posts that I am about ready to give up blogging altogether.


Linda said...

Have you converted to the new blogger? They have a new deal where it automatically saves every few seconds. I had that trouble for a while so I started writing my posts in Word, then copy and paste in blogger. Then if I had a problem, I at least had my post to try again. Other than that, no other ideas.

BTW, our Roadtrek is on a Dodge 2500 frame (2000). So far we like it, but your diesel is getting better mileage.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I agree with Linda,change over to the new blogger, i was sort of afraid too when i did because i thought it was going to be a pain and maybe losing things just for changing but it was simple and easy as they do it for you, just had to change the template and follow instructions. Me is pretty computer and don't do instructions very easy. If i can do it, anyone can.

Tracy said...

When I first started blogging, I wrote my posts in Notepad and then copied and pasted. I still do it sometimes, if I'm writing a long article and not writing it all at once; but it screws up the spacing so I have to fix that before I post.
With new Blogger, I generally write my shorter posts directly onsite.
I like some of the new features Blogger is adding, like polls.


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