Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All is well (almost anyway)

My angiogram showed I have one small vein with 90% blockage but they can't put a stint in it as it might compromise the two veins beside it that are free flowing.

One other is 30% to 40% blocked (they only stint if 70% or higher), so I will be on medicine to try to rectify the situation. All in all a very good report.

I will take the rest of the week off work as I am not suppose to lift anything over 10 lbs. for five days.

We have had a phone line based DLS for some time and for some reason our phone line stopped accepting phone calls over a year ago. No big deal as we always give our cell phone numbers for contact information. The problem was we were paying a phone line bill and a DSL bill.

This weekend we switched to an "air card" for our internet. We bought the USB port "air card" because it will work on our desk top computer and lap top. The "air card" will work anywhere we have AT&T cell phone coverage. The higher the number of "bars", the faster the internet connection.

The "air card" is a separate phone number and in no way has any bearing on our cell phone service. They just use the same cell towers. We are pleased with the speed of the internet connection and look forward to having internet with our laptop when we are traveling.

One added benefit is the $30 monthly savings. Mobile coverage and a small monthly saving, works for me.

$30, heck that will buy nearly 8 gallons of gas (if it didn't go up overnight).

1 comment:

Linda said...

Yeah! Good news on your heart. Must look into this
"air card" Sounds interesting.


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