Friday, May 23, 2008

Got Milk?

At a dairy the answer should always be "yes". We receive our raw milk by the semi truck tanker load and sometimes we process milk faster than we can receive it.

We are replacing two smaller milk silos with two of these 106 ft. tall, 60,000 gallon, stainless steel silos. Each silo will hold about ten tanker loads of milk. We have to have at least two silos because milk can only be stored for so long in each silo and it must be emptied and sanitized before it can to filled again. Hence, production can continue from one silo while the other is being washed.

We moved two smaller silos that will be placed beside the short white silo that is visible in the right of this picture. These smaller silos will now be used to help with our production capacity of not raw milk products.

BTW, the non- reefer trailers you see in this photo are backed to the warehouse dock and are used for milk jug storage and other non temperature sensitive loads.


Dave said...

Thats one big trailer. Hope youre enjoying the motor cycle. I decided to get rid of mine a few years ago as I wasn't riding it enough and my reflexes were too slow for the traffic on the roads. I stick to 2 wheels now, but driven by my legs.

Linda said...

Wow--your company processes a lot of milk. I have not given much thought about what happens to milk between the cow & my frig.

Unknown said...

hey - I work at a dairy plant in North Lawrence NY. Your pics look alot like our plant. We process alot more milk than you though. We have storeage capacity for millions of lbs of milk. Our main business is Yogurt & cottege cheese. If you buy Breyers Yogurt - it came from our plant. We normally receive over 1 million lbs in a day, with the ability of up to 2 million - and that is 7 days a week. I am not familiar with the exact working of milk receiving - I am in the IT department, but you can't hardly walk outside without being run over by a milk truck.

- I like your blog - I've been reading alot of your stuff!

- I don't have a blog that I keep up - but check my site out at

See ya around the lifan site!!



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