Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Inverter

Our new inverter is a Power Bright 2300watt modified sinewave, .

This is a photo of the rear of the inverter. As with all my photos, you can click to enlarge. Inverters are pretty straight forward and very easy to install. The red lug is for the positive (+) 12 volt battery cable, the black lug is for the negative (-) 12 volt battery cable, and the small silver stud on the lower right is for a 8 gauge ground wire chassis. Use the four slotted holes to secure the unit.

The front view shown with the remote to turn it on and off. The transmitter plugs in (shown close to position), secure it and you are ready to use the key-chain bob.

It has two 120 volt plugs. I will use one plug to power our tv, satelite receiver, freezer, and laptops. By doing this I will still have a full 15 amps for the other wire. The other will be used to power the rest of the camper.

The wire for the first plug was already installed as we have been powering it with the smaller inverter that died. I ran a 15 amp extension cord (nicely hidden) to the rear and will attach the regular rv power cord to it. All the camper plugs will be hot but of course only 15 amps will be available to use.

It will power anything in the camper except the air conditioners but we can only use one large (coffee pot, microwave, etc.) appliance at a time.

I can not accidentally hook to shore power and blow the inverter because the power cord will have to be disconnected from inverter to hook to campground power.

I will put switch on the camper converter so it can be turned off when using the inverter. Don't want the converter trying to charge the batteries as it will produce a negative power gain.

I also ran a cord to the generator to run our 55 amp battery charger. When boondocking the inverter will supply our household needs and the generator will supply the charge to the batteries.

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