Friday, May 25, 2012

The Tom Sawyer in me.

We are staying at Toad Suck Park, a C.O.E. park on the Arkansas River just out of Conway, Arkansas. We will be here over the Memorial Day weekend.

 As with all (Army) Corps of Engineers parks we have visited, this one is spotless and we have a spot on the corner that gives us even more space between spots. The  C.O.E. parks usually offer more room than state parks or private parks as they do not have to maximize their spots for profits.

This is our view of the river from our covered picnic table. We have 50amp service and water and with our senior discount pay $10 a night (sweet). This is a "dock and dam" on the Arkansas River and you can see the lower end of the 'lock" through the tree. You are looking at the lower side of the river.

This tug and its barges (the white you see in the photo) entered the lock on the rivers high side.

This photo shows the tug being lowered as the water in the lock is being evacuated.

This is the tug and barges after exiting the lock and headed down  on the river.

This is a closer shot of the tug. The whole process took about 30 minutes. Pure enjoyment as I sat at the picnic table taking all of this in.


Anonymous said...

I take the little Du dog to Toad Suck often for shady walks. Probably crossed paths with your camp site at some point. It's a wonderful park.

brenda from ar

squire said...

Hi Brenda, thanks for stopping by. I knew you lived close to Little Rock but didn't know where.


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