Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I got Fired?

     Yes, I got fired from my side gig. I made my client 32% for the year ( not a misprint, 32% ). This is actual cash in the account profit, not paper profits. I can understand ( not really but everyone has to do what they feel is best ) because I was managing an IRA and he was leaving the profits in the account and just paying me out of his pocket. My 3.2% (10% of the 32% profit) seemed excessive to him, but if I made him nothing I got NOTHING.

   He was a "buy and hold" investor for decades (with the steady albeit small gains) but has followed my tutelage and not thinks he is smarter than the teacher.

   Well it was a nice run while it lasted but at least I will have more time because I can no long dedicate 3+ hours a day on the phone with him.


Colleen Pisano said...
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Colleen Pisano said...

That’s terrible. I’m sorry you lost that job. however, if this is the way that person does business, then you may have just missed the bullet (so to speak). More than likely his business will cause you more problems down the road. May be A blessing in disguise


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