Saturday, September 02, 2006

B & B and Lazy Daze

I guess you think I am going to tell you about goofing off in a Bed & Breakfast. No, what I am going to tell you about is the reason we went to Wisconsin on vacation.

A few years ago we were down at Camden, Ar. to grab a burger in a shopping center that has several fast food joints and a Wal-Mart. As we entered the parking lot, I spotted a Lazy Daze motorhome. They are one of the top rated class c motorhomes make. They are built in one factory in Montclair, Ca. They have no dealers and you can only buy a new one at the factory. You have to place an order and wait several months until yours is built. They produce only what is on order. Needless to say there are very few to be seen in the south.

It is sitting in the parking lot and the driver is looking at a map. You know I want to look the rig over, so I walk up and ask if I can help him with directions. We chat a little and I ask if I can peak inside his Lazy Daze ( can't imagine me being so bold, hehe). He says "sure" and motions for me to bring my wife.

Inside we learn they are Beckie & Bernie and they live and travel full-time in this 26.5ft. motorhome.

He has retired from FORD where he assembled Ford Rangers ( so if you had one with problems, we knew who to blame)at the Minneapolis-St.Paul plant. They sold their home in Wyoming, Mn. and hit the road. They had been to California and were heading back to Wisconsin (where they own a lot on a lake) for the summer.

We exchanged contact information and vowed to stay in touch. I called them a few days later to check on their progress and we have been friends ever since. They go out west every winter and when they are heading home, they will drive out of their way to stop and see us. After several such visits we told them we would try to get up to Wisconsin to see them.

Judy's family reunion was being held in central Missouri, so it gave us the perfect opportunity to drive on to see B&B. It was a great vacation and good to see Beckie and Bernie in their neck of the woods. Without having them to visit, I doubt I ever would have made it to Wisconsin.


Annie said...

You probably know that I LOVE Wisconsin. I hope you enjoyed it fully, had some brats and listened to folks say "Oh No" with a very nasal inflection in their voices, relaxed in the cool air and had a brew or two.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have friends to go visit in faraway places, especially if they share similar interests. Perhaps when you retire you can rendevous with them at some convenient central location.

Anvilcloud said...

Just a little further to The Great White North eh?

Michelle said...

Awwwww, what a great story! You meet the nicest people out on the road :)

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

That is sure nice that you have kept in touch with someone you met on the road. Sometimes those friendships are the best kind.


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