Monday, September 04, 2006

Truth, always funnier than fiction

We had a little family get-to-gather at my sister-in-law's house on Sunday. It was great to see all my brother's family that could make it.

All the usual stuff took place and a great time was has by all.

My sister-in-law invited a female friend from her church to attend and we all enjoyed Mrs. Russell's company. Helen asked Mrs. Russell to tell the story of her trip and the lost luggage.

Mrs. Russell's luggage was lost along with several other passengers. Someone came around getting information to try to find the luggage. The man asked one gentleman his man and the man said "Gary Cooper", the next man's name was "John Wayne", then the somewhat perplexed man said to her, "and I guess you must be Marilyn Monroe!"

She said , "No, I am Jane Russell". Miss Jane said everyone had a good laugh.


Wildside Musing said...

Oh, the luggage story is certainly worth a chuckle!! Or two!

Annie said...

It's fun to sit around and tell/listen to funny stories.

Thanks for this one. I was almost sitting there with you all.

Wishes for a restful Labor Day.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Jane Russell huh...
My husband's cousin is named Lucille Ball. It would have been funny if they both would have been on the same flight and lost their luggage.

Carole Burant said...

Ahem...I have a bone to pick with you Mr. Squire!! You ordered the rain for me on Sunday you said???? I'll get ya day when you're not lookin'! lol Oh well, everything turned out at the end but oh boy, that rain had me pretty discouraged at times! Glad you had a good time at your sister-in-law's house on Sunday...loved the luggage story:-)

Michelle said...

LOL @ Jane goodness what a coincedence!


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