Monday, October 01, 2007

October Book Review

It's been awhile since I posted but I have been working 6 long days a week and just didn't feel like fighting with blogger.

"Quakertown" by Lee Martin was mentioned on a blog I read and it did indeed turned out to be a nice read.

Based on a true story about a black settlement in Denton, Texas (in the 1920's) called Quakertown. The town wanted the land for a city park and needed to move all the black folks out. To accomplish this they enlisted one of the most respected men in Quakertown. A gardener of immense talent and offered him the job of seeing after the new park.

I back dated this to the first of the month. I have been trying that long to get it posted.


Lilli & Nevada said...

glad your back on sounds like your working too hard.
We are back from vacation so trying to get back in the swing of things.
Book sounds like a good one to read, i wish i had the time to read.
Glad your back.

Linda said...

I can't figure out why Blogger has it in for you.

I will check to see if this book is on tape.

You might try emailing blogger if you continue to have trouble. Wouldn't hurt to check.

Annie said...

Parks - good. Taking peoples' land and homes - bad.

That's my take on this. You can tell, I'm sure, that I haven't read this.

So you're still working huh. I hope the company worked out the little glitches in the retirement plan to your satisfaction.


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