Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Small green tree frogs sometimes find their way into our trailers while riding on a wooden pallet. They seldom survive because once they get cold (our trailer in in the lower 30's) they can not move.
Yesterday I found one on the floor that could not move but was still alive. I put him outside on the ground to warm up. As I moved across the ramp from one trailer to another, I kept an eye on him. Slowly he began to warm and get some mobility. After a few minutes he started to hop around and a few minutes later he was out of site.
I knew I would need to find him and move him across the road to the tree line if he were to survive. After I finished loading my trailer I couldn't see him anywhere. I moved one of the trailers back to its parking place and came back to have a better look.
After searching I still couldn't locate him. As I turned to walk around the other trailer, I spotted him. He has moved to the shade under one of my tires and I had run over him. Sorry Kermit, I did my best.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh poor little kermit but your right you did all you could.
Sorry havn't been keeping in touch much but we are on vacation now so trying to get wifi whenever i can get it.
Sitting here in RV park in Leavenworth Wash, waiting for the Autumn Festival

Kerri said...

Hello Squire. Seems I don't get around much anymore :) Truth is, summer has been really busy.
Poor little Kermit! You were kind to try and rescue him. Looking after all God's creatures shows a compassionate heart.
I enjoyed seeing more pics and reading more about your trip. Didn't they have regular milk in the stores at all?
That's a bummer (huge understatement) about your retirement savings. I'd be PMSing too!

Annie said...

Your heart is in the right place, Squire. And your mind is full of interesting information. I didn't know frogs needed warmth to move, to live.


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