Monday, September 03, 2007

September book review

My September book review is a little late this month because, heck you don't want excuses.

A novel by Paul Boray.

A bookie is robbed of $300,000 and his girlfriend badly beaten and raped by a Chinese gang that tells him he is going into early retirement or else. He contacts ex-cop John "Tomb" Tomie to help get even with the gang and recover his money (he offers "half" to Tomb). Tomb enlists a former cop on the Chinatown beat to help.

This novel has several twists and turn, some you see coming and some you don't. When I was thru with it, I had to recall some small details earlier in the book to see how the ending could be "the end".

The first person that shows an interest in this book will receive it free by e-mailing me their "snail mail" address. I will send it media mail to said address. Don't be bashful, I think you will enjoy this book and my book shelf is running over.


Annie said...

Hi Squire, Aren't these thrilling mysteries fun to read, to get lost in. Don't put my name on your snail mail list, for I too have an overabundance of books and am immersed in reading my own right now. I do enjoy your book reviews.

squire said...

Thanks Annie, I see book reviews as "trash or treasure". This appears to be the only book this gentleman has published.

Linda said...

It seems the only books I have time to "read" anymore are on tape or CD. Thank you for the offer.


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