Friday, September 14, 2007

Flashback Friday

I will start using "Flashback Fridays" to finish stories I have started and failed to finish or just update past stories.


Zac had his "crew" over for dinner at his apartment on my last night in Le Mans, France.

We had time between his early morning class and late afternoon class to hop on the city bus and ride to the edge of town to do our shopping. I can't remember the stores name but it was a "big box super store", very similar to aWalMart Super Center.

What I found very interesting was the meat selection. It was displayed not unlike a fresh open air meat market. A large portion of the meat (and all the sea food) was not wrapped and placed on a bed of shaved ice. This was not in glass cases as in the US but on open beds as vegetables are displayed in America.

One large display caught my eye as the cuts of meat were large and a light pink color. When I asked, Zac laughed and told me it was "horse meat". I guess that explains the large ribs.Meat is very expensive in France and really used to flavor dishes.

We were having a pasta casserole for main dish, with a large salad and a pie size raspberry tart for dessert. The wine would be furnished by our quests.

Left to right, Matt, Emily (the high school teacher), Emily, and of course Zachary.

The meal was a great success and the wine flowed freely (until we ran out after 3 bottles) and the conversation was splendid.

I commented on the 2 Emilies (both New Englanders) not having the Boston accent. They both ensured me that it was there but hidden.

When Zac and I started with the southern black mammy "hush your mouth" routine, they about fell out of their chairs laughing.

All to soon we had to say our goodbyes and I would not see them again. I am most appreciative of the hospitality they extended to me. A fine a group of young people as I have ever met.


Lilli & Nevada said...

And to add there sanitation in restaurants aren't as strict as ours in the states, When i went back to Germany with my mom 15 yrs ago, we went to a restaurant, we were seated next to the kitchen. Watching them do the dishes. Yikes, rinsed off and brought to your table.
In Tawaiin it was even worse. But there healthy.

Annie said...

Isn't it wonderful to have these memories of being with your son in France. The memories will last your whole life long.


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