Friday, September 07, 2007

A Taxing Matter

In Arkansas, one pays “sales tax” on every vehicle purchased until the purchase price falls below $2500. Years ago it was an advantage to buy a used vehicle ( assuming it had been titled in Arkansas at one time and the sales tax paid), because one didn’t have to pay sales tax on a used vehicle.

My 2006 Dodge was bought new 16 month ago and sales tax was paid by the original owner. I have just paid sales tax again when I titled the truck.. That amounts to over $4000 for the state in less than a year and a half. If this truck were sold a few more times in the next few years the state would receive more in taxes than the truck cost new.

Our city of Bryant, Ar. is one of fastest growing (if not the fastest ) towns in our state. In this small town there has been literally thousands of new homes built in the last 5 years and yet they are asking for a “millage increase”. Where does it all stop.

When I first started doing my mechanic work in the early 70’s there was no tax due on used parts or labor.

Our state is eliminating sales tax on groceries and immediately the price of groceries go up ( a coincident, I don‘t think so). People haven’t saved a dime but it just added more profit for grocery stores.
I guess I need to check my sugar as I can't seem to get off this soap box.

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