Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Corny Car

Why are we feeding corn (ethanol) to our cars. Most of that ethanol is corn based. One estimate is it takes 1 gallon of fuel (gas or diesel) to produce 1.8 gallons of corn based ethanol. Not to mention ethanol delivers less mpg.

In the process, we lose valuable corn production that should be used for our food supply. A nice "catch 22", corn prices are rising and more land is being farmed for corn that takes away from other grain farming. Corn and wheat production are needed to keep our food prices from skyrocketing. Don't just think of higher bread prices but all our foods (beef is fattened on corn) are ultimately going to rise.

"Grow our gasoline" sounds great if we do not look past the surface of the issue. I for one would rather know I can get food at the market even if I have to walk there.

Your mileage may vary.........haven't I heard that before?

1 comment:

Annie said...

Let's use trash or agri waste. It would work well and solve two problems at once.


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