Tuesday, July 08, 2008

$4 gas a good thing?

Just a few stations in the pricier part of town has $4 a gallon gas (so far). Gas prices are on every ones mind and that is about all that is being discussed at work.

Everyone is talking about driving less and starting to question ALL of their buying decisions. It is amazing that gas prices have gotten people to do what they should be doing in the first place.

Driving less not only saves gas but saves money that are often not included when we think of the cost of a trip. Maintenance cost, replacement costs, accelerated depreciation and of course the biggie, convenient store snacks.

I have seen several older model high gas mileage cars on the interstate in the past month or so. Two were Ford Fiestas like the one in the picture and one looked like it had been sitting under a tree for years and just put back on the road. New tires, fresh tags, but not even a quick wash job. I'm sure it was pressed into being used as a work car because of the price of gas.

The price of crude oil is down $6 a barrel in the past 2 days but over all I think gas prices will be higher next year and even higher the next. We all need to find ways to save on gas and not give our retirement to the gas companies.


Linda said...

Remember this whole thing come up in the late 70s and early 80s? I drove a VW diesel rabbit for its mpg on the mail route. How could we forget the 55 mph speed limit to save gas. There was talk about becoming less dependent on foreign oil. Then we just forgot, I guess.

Dave said...

Here people are being more careful and planning their journeys so that they only make the necessary ones. But the problem, and I'm sure its the same in the US, is that we have developed out of town shopping centres that are only accessable by car. Over the years we have become so reliant on a car that its harder to shop etc without it.
We will have to learn to cope.

Isadora said...

My brother's truck takes diesel which is closer to $5 - it can't possibly be good for anybody but the petroleum companies :( He rides his Harley to work, but I worry for him. He had a very nasty spill last year when a new driver ran a red light and totaled my brother and her daddy's car.


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