Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taking Action

Trading for a more fuel efficient vehicle may say gas but it probably will not save you any money. If you need to replace your ride then by all means replace it with a smarter choice but if gas savings are needed now, then the best way is "drive slower".

I guess these people got tired of everyone honking their horns because they were not driving like a BOH on the freeway. They were actually driving 55mph in a 60mph zone thru town. They had been in the slow lane and moved over so I could get on the interstate.

I grabbed on camera and took this picture thru my windshield. As I passed I did toot my horn (the electric one, not the loud air-horn) and gave then a "thumbs up".

1 comment:

Linda said...

I've been "preaching" this for a long time. I am finally convincing Dan although he still finds it hard.

I read yesterday drivers can save 35% in gas consumption by slowing down to 65 from 75 mph. That is significant!


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