Monday, May 10, 2010

Banking on the Road

Not many people write checks anymore and after we hit the road we will only have our mini-storage that will need a check sent. All reoccurring bills can be paid online.

We will be using two banks and a credit union. Judy has her SS check direct deposited in a local bank and I will have my SS check and any draws from my IRA direct deposited in US Bank that has branches nation wide. My pension check will be deposited in my saving account at my credit union.

Why two banks? Judy will carry only her bank card and one credit card and I will carry my bank card and the other credit card. Should she lose her purse or should I lose my wallet, we can cancel only that bank and credit card and still have the other separate accounts to continue to use until we get things straighten out. Straightening things out while on the road could take awhile.

Our banks card use different ATM networks so there should always be one or the other available to us. We will always have a few "ole blues" ($100 bills)in reserve and will always work with money above those. That way ATM money can be acquired when convenient and we will never be broke. If we pay an occasional $2 ATM fee it will be alright because we will we getting the max the ATM will allow.

I can also use my credit union ATM card, plus they are affiliated with several hundred credit unions across the country that I can walk in, show my card and ID and draw out any amount of my saving that I might need.

Sounds simple enough.

1 comment:

Linda said...

You are definitely getting ready to hit the road. Sounds sensible.


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