Sunday, May 23, 2010

Compact air compressor

Ever wake up to a low tire and have to change it or risk ruining it by driving to have it looked after.

We need a small air compressor for just such events and to keep our tires inflated to the proper psi. Since it was my birthday and I had an excuse to spend money.

I bought this compact air compressor from Sears, Item # 00915309000,
Model # 15309. Small and under 25lbs. Max of 150psi and a cut-in of 120psi. Cut-in pressure means when its 1.5 gallon tank drops below 120psi, the compressor starts building air until it reaches 150psi.

This is not a compressor for using large volumes of air but it will work fine for my needs and small enough to easily store.

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Cyndi said...

Thanks for the comment about the sofa sleeper, squire! It made me giggle - we have no grandkids - my daughter can't seem to find a guy (her words) and my son is too busy for girls. Besides, if they come to visit, they definitely have to provide their own tents and sleeping bags!


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