Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not an easy task

Pick a date and retire! Easy enough, right. Not so fast. This is really an agonising decision. I have been saying that September 30 will be my last day to work and therefore I need to sign up for Social Security three months ahead of that date, in other words, in July. Next month. That just seems so final and soon!

"Working" defines who I am. Retirement feels more like I am being fired and emotionally it is rather difficult. Doesn't working until the end of the year sound better.

Work past the holidays and start the new year off with a whole new outlook on life. I'm sure the incongruousness would be no different then as now. Damn, why can't life be easy!!!!.

1 comment:

Linda said...

You are correct. The retirement decision is difficult. I did it a year ago and have not looked back. But, it might be different for a female. At any rate, do it when you are ready. It's good that you enjoy your job enough that it's hard to decide the right time.


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