Thursday, February 24, 2011


We spent over three hours in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and enjoyed every minute. It is really just a zoo of sorts but I had here for the main attraction.

From the visitors center there is a tram or boat ride to the back of the park. We took the boat out and the tram back.

As we left the visitors center, this alligator was sunning on a log,

once inside the park the bald eagles had a flag in their cage,

Pink flamingos were fun to watch,

they have one hippopotamus,

beautiful cougar ( the wild animal type but I guess the applies to the middle aged female too),

The main attraction, sorry but my photos didn't turn out very well,

here is a picture of a manatee I found on the web. The manatees live in the ocean but come into the warmer river as the ocean cools off in the winter. The river is fed by Homosassa Springs and its 72 degree water. The manatee have to have warmer water to survive.

They move slowly and over 200 were lost this winter because they couldn't make it to warmer waters as this winter came on quicker tha usual.

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