Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jekyll Island Club

The Jekyll Island Club was formed in December of 1885 by selling 100 shares to 50 individuals for $600 a share to start an exclusive hunting club for the very wealthy.

The large club house opened in 1888 and soon the wealthy elite starting building winter homes on the island.

The Morgans, Pulitzers, and Vanderbuilts all has winter homes on the island,

This is the winter home built in 1891 for Gordon McKay and sold in 1905 to William Rockefeller the younger brother and partner in Standard Oil.

The rear view shows its three stories and twenty five rooms. His wife's bathtub had four faucets, hot and cold regular water and hot and cold salt water from the Atlantic to help with her arthritis.

When the club members all invade the island during the winter season one fourth of the worlds wealth was on the little island.

The first transcontinental phone call by Theodore N. Vail, president of AT&T, to Alexander Bell was made from the Jekyll Island Club.

In November 1910 on Jekyll Island the draft for what is now The Federal Reserve was written.

The rich loved the privacy they enjoyed on the island as the only way to reach it was by boat and they had armed guards on horseback patrolling the beach.

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