Thursday, March 10, 2011

Williamsburg, Va.

We arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia yesterday after a three and half hour drive from Medoc Mountain State Park. We are staying in Anvil Campground near Colonial Williamsburg.

This is entering the campground.

Office and store looking back.

The family home is across from the office.

The founder was a blacksmith and made the original wrought iron work for Colonial Williamsburg from 1929 to 1935. This part of the office complex was his blacksmith shop.

He also owned a motel on the main highway thru town (directly behind the campground just across the railroad track).

People were constantly asking at the motel, "where can we put up a tent for the night?"

So he let them camp beside his blacksmith shop. These tent sights today are the same place they were back then.

Our campsite is across from the tent sites.

We chose Anvil Campground because the city bus stops at the campground and we can even transfer to another bus that will take us to Jamestown and Yorktown. We rode the bus around to get a feel of the three different routes and were planning to start seeing the sites today.

Mother nature had other plans as it rained off and on all day so we just shifted gears and did the mondane chores of everyday life like shopping, banking, and doing laundry.

Since we have no schedule we can just wait out the rain and not worry about it. Fulltiming is great because we can stay as long as we need to explore and then we can hit the road for more adventure.

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