Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Goes On

We are back in Little Rock taking care of the things that can only be done in person.

One thing was rescheduling the appointment with my heart doctor I missed back in November. Heck, I was having too much fun in California recovering from a heat attack.

Well after my visit last week, I am scheduled for an Angiogram in the morning. No big deal, he just wants to check me out as my heart surgeon in California said I might need another stent. Is that like your mechanic saying, "Hey, your radiator is clogged but I think your engine will be ok"?

Why the hell didn't he do everything at the time. Guess he was spreading MY money around.

Seems my doctor is a little pissed that I was in California letting another doctor have some of my money. Damn doc, use some of your windfall on bedside manner lessons!!

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