Monday, February 06, 2012

White Sands

Back in a previous life I was stationed at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas and we often trained at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico but I had never seen the White Sands National Monument and therefor never seen the "white sands".

The White Sands Missile Range covers 3200 square miles and the White Sands of the National Park is the worlds largest deposit and covers 275 square miles.

The "white sands" are actually gypsum and have a consistency more like talc than sand.

A camel was being used for a photo shoot and looked right at home on the sand dunes.

The road starts as pavement but it is graded sand as one drives deeper into the park.

Being white gypsum (the stuff the sheet rock in your home is made of) the dunes does not attract or hold heat so the dunes can be enjoyed barefoot year round.

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Linda said...

We've got to check this out. Amazing!


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