Thursday, October 26, 2006


I seem to be stuck in the dulldrums after coming out of a period of anger and depression. I swing into these moods from time to time and am glad when I recover.

I was paid a "compliment" at work this week. I was told that I am "opinionated". Not stubborn or bullheaded but opinionated. I would hate to be so shallow that I didn't have an opinion. One should stand up for their opinion even if it is not the popular one.

If at work there is a statement made that everyone is afraid to say. No one has to ask who made it because they know it came from me. I have always thought if something needs said then it should be said.

Why should we be afraid of stating our opinions? Changes only come about when enough people stand up for what they believe in.


Anonymous said...

History seems to teach us that the "evil few" can only do their dirty work when the masses fail to speak out for what they believe to be right. Please continue to set a good example for your colleagues around you.

Annie said...

You're absolutely right. Opinions can be agents for change. I think it's all in how one states their opinions. As long as there is respect for others right to have their own opinions as well, then go for it.

I'm rather opinionated myself.

Kerri said...

There you are! I was beginning to wonder if you were ill or something. Glad you're OK and hope you'll get over the doldrums very soon.
Annie said it well. There's a fine line between being assertive and being dogmatic. Respectfully putting forth an opinion is always a good thing, I think. Not being afraid to speak up is important, and standing up for what you believe is a must. I don't believe in being wishy-washy!

Carole Burant said...

I was ready to send out a search party for you!! Glad to see you posting! As for being opiniated, we're all entitled to our own opinions...all I ask is for my opinion to be respected like I respect your opinion! It's as easy as that:-)


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