Friday, October 06, 2006

Roadtrek 190

As I approached the restroom at the roadside park south of Gurdon, Ar. on I-30, I spotted a Roadtrek 190 B-class motorhome like the one in the picture. Being a big fan of B-class motorhomes and the Roadtrek in particular, I decided to investigate.

As I walked past the front, the Dashound in the front seat let out with a "Mom, someone is here" bark, followed by a "would you pet me" look.

The lady in the kitchen looked up as I said hello and asked her about the camper. She said they had been to the east coast for the summer and were on their way back to Beaumont, Tx. When I asked about the gas mileage, she turned to the rear of the coach and asked "Sue" about it.

Turns out it was two older ladies traveling together. They said this was the third year for them to head for cooler temps for the summer. About 200 miles was a long day for them. They were not in any hurry to get back home. They were staying in campgrounds about twice a week and boondocking the rest of the time when the weather cooperated.

It was about 4pm when I talked to them as they were having dinner . The camper was parked under a big shade tree with the windows open and they said they were there for the night. A beautiful night for camping, about 55 degrees and a gentle breeze.

Really nice to see two independent older ladies out enjoying themselves.


Annie said...

Squire, I'm seeing a theme of independence in your blog. So I'm guessing this is a very important idea in your life. Is that right?

I really like the idea of traveling with a friend, taking time, seeing the sights and enjoying particular places. These ladies have a great idea. Maybe my husband and I should look into doing this when we're retired.

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad used to travel in a 37' class A motorhome. The had hundreds of thousands of miles under their belt with it, including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and many cross-country trips in the USA. My mom (who is about 5' tall on tip-toes) was the driver, and you should have seen the faces of the truckers as she would pull in to truck stops along the interstates in her behemuth rig!

Carole Burant said...

How very neat that it was two older ladies driving the I'm thinking Thelma and Louise! lol

Linda said...

Squire--did you post this for me? We love our Roadtrek and appreciate your approval. You just said what I haven't been able to quite communicate--that it's not about getting there, it's the journey. Carry on ladies!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

It's all about the journey there and back.

Kerri said...

What fun! I'd like to do that too :) Independance is a marvelous thing!


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