Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Colors

We made a drive thru the Ozark National Forest today to take in the beautiful fall colors. We drove to Mountain View, Ar. and up hwy 5 to Calico Rock.

Since my photos will not do justice to the foliage, I thought I would show you the quaint hamlet of Calico Rock.

Just around this curve is the bridge that crosses the White River and Calico Rock.

This was taken from the bridge and shows some of the building on the bluff of White River.

These two were taken from the end of the bridge.
What you see is about all the old town there is. Just over the hill the road forks and there is a little newer town but not much.

We had lunch at Don Quixote's Restaurant. Their menu is written on a black board and today they had a choice of six items if you count "cheeseburger".
The other five choices were gourmet quality meals.

We had Grilled Ham and Cheddar Sandwich and Pasta Fagoli Soup. The bread was homemade multi-grain wheat that was about 8 inch square with about 1/2 inch of thin sliced country ham and a large thick slice of quality Cheddar. It made for a VERY large sandwich. The Fagoli soup was made with homemade pasta. All this for $5.95. We were stuffed so had the homemade Apple Strudel to go.


Anvilcloud said...

It looks like a nice day to get out and about.

Carole Burant said...

Love visiting places like that, much better than big cities! Wow that was some sandwich...sure sounds delicious though! Yum! And apple strudel to go...can't get any better than that:-)

Annie said...
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Annie said...

Whoops, that was me before. What I was trying to say is that I drove through the Ozarks this past weekend to look at the colors too. Wasn't it beautiful!!!

Annie said...

Mark, I'm so glad you came by my blog this morning for it triggered my memory of your post about Califo Rock. I went back and linked to your post so any readers at my place who want to see another rural Arkansas town can come over here.

I've never been to Calico Rock - I'll have to look up exactly where it is, just as you looked up Kingston.

Best wishes, Annie

squire said...

Dand Annie, just when I get used to my name, you give me a new one. Senior moment, I guess. hehe

Annie said...

Hey, forgive my error. Now why did I think you were Mark? Did you mean your name is Dan D?

Anyway, you asked if I drove up the Pig Trail. No, I didn't but I thought about it before deciding to drive the beautiful 540 to Fayetteville first. The vistas there thrill me. Then we drove east from there to Huntsville and Kingston.


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