Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I want a small light weight "point and shoot" camera for my upcoming trip. We have a nice camera but it is just too big and heavy to have on your person all the time. After researching my options, I finally decided on the model I wanted.

Buying online is something that I am comfortable with, so I placed an order before their store opened. Basic camera, basic order, just ship it to me! Now is when the problem begins.

They call and want to sell their "camera accessory pack". I was not home and my wife would not authorize the addition and told them I would call them back.

I get the most over baring salesman I have ever encountered. I tell him I just want the "camera" and nothing else. He will not take NO for an answer. I then tell him to cancel my order. He says he will not do that until he tries to help me. Now I am getting more angry by the second. After I tell him I have 2 battery chargers and 16 rechargeable batteries and do not need his, he proceeds to tell me the camera has a cheap plastic case (it is metal!) and I need to upgrade to the metal case. Rather than call him the bold faced liar that he is, I just say that I ready don't care about it being plastic.

The whole time I have said "please cancel my order" several times. He changes his tactics by telling me the camera is imported (HELL, they are all imported) and the instructions are not in English and he can upgrade the software for only $25.

Now my blood is really boiling. If I could have reached through the phone this lying #*&%+ would be minus his teeth if not his life. We proceed to exchange pleasantries as we are now both angry. I finally call him just what he is and tell him he will cancel my order and I will dispute any charges to my credit card and hang up.

I call my credit card and tell them what is going on and when I go back to the camera store's website I see that my order has indeed been canceled. I printed it out for future reference.

All this to save $30. Sometimes it just does not pay to be a tightwad.


JOY said...

I think today "customer service" is a thing of the past! Everything is Sales Sales Sales and trying to get every ounce of money out of you.

You done the right thing.

Hope you find another camera soon and enjoy using it!

squire said...

go to limavady's blog and check out the Ray Steven's song.

Anonymous said...

The Ray Steven's video is great - thanks.

Many of the NY discount camera vendors are notorious for these sales tactics that you encountered. If the discount is large enough, I can usually muster the patience to keep saying no to the up-selling attempts, otherwise I stick to on-line vendors that I have had positive experiences with. Hope you end up with the camera you want soon, and further hope that you come back from your trip with some pictures to show us.

Carole Burant said...

Some of these salesmen must take a course on how to be just plain obnoxious and should be charged with harassment when they behave like that. There's one electronics store near here that I refuse to go to anymore because they'll bug you no end to buy the extra insurance coverage on anything you buy...last time I was there, the item I bought was $29.99....the insurance was $39.99! I said if it breaks down it's cheaper for me to buy another one than to pay for the insurance...he still kept after, never went back again!

Annie said...

It might just be that you were meant to find another, even better, even cheaper camera somewhere else. It might just be. I hope that's the case.

That had to be a very frustrating moment in time.

Anvilcloud said...

I've never heard of anything like it.

Kerri said...

Good grief! How obnoxious can a salesman possible be? You've just told us I guess.
I bought my little Canon Powershot S410 through and got a very good deal. No talking to any obnoxious salesperson, and it came very quickly. I love the camera!
I recommend buying an extra battery. You might get a deal if you buy it with the camera, and you'll at least save the extra postage (I didn't).
Being frugal doesn't make you a tightwad....just practical!

gwadzilla said...

that accessory kit sounds pretty sweeeet!

you should have just gotten it


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