Friday, November 10, 2006

Grocery tax

Our governor-elect wants to eliminate the sales tax on groceries. Everyone pays the tax and poor people pay a disproportionate amount of their income on this tax, so it would seem a win-win for everyone.

Not so in my opinion. We know that the tax money will be made up from some other tax (even though our state has a large tax surplus). At least the grocery tax is charged to every one no matter their income.

The hotshots (did I misspell that by one letter) have various ways of not paying taxes, but not this one. Sure they can eat out often on their "expense accounts", but the groceries their wives buy for the house gets taxed.

Of course a 'fair' tax system isn't going to happen (ending corporate welfare/pork/political nepotism). That being said. Will the tax be eliminated or just the STATE portion of the tax? City and county taxes eat away at our income also.


Annie said...

I would LOVE for there to be no sales tax on groceries. It seems right to me, precisely for the reason you state - that it taxes everyone, even the poorest, at the same rate for a necessity of life.

Carole Burant said...

We all know that when they remove the tax on one thing, they're going to add it to something else instead!!

Anvilcloud said...

We're well-taxed up here, but I've never heard of taxing groceries. Snacks yes, actual groceries no. I agree with Annie. It's not progressive; it taxes rich and poor at the same rate.


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