Monday, November 27, 2006

It is not right!

Over the weekend most of the parents traveling with children had movies playing in the car to keep the kids busy.

That is "not right". Parents should have to suffer with "Are we there yet?", as we older parents did.

Winter driving in a "big truck" can be a challenge with rainy, icy, and snowy roads,

but the real reason I am not fond of driving in the winter is the fact that the landscape is almost naked

and the women aren't.

For those interested I wrote in my "Life story" blog today. My nieces have asked for more.


Carole Burant said...

LOL spoken like a true man!!!

Annie said...

Ah, there are a couple of ideas there I can comment on. Firstly, the idea about traveling with children and listening to the "are we there yet" questions. My dad once said that if he heard that question one more time he'd let the asker get out and run behind the car. The question was asked - and my two brothers had to run behind the car for a half mile or so.

And, about a naked landscape - I think photographers can get some very interesting geometrics from the tree limbs and branches - and nice views through them. I hadn't thought about photographing females in winter gear though - your model is lovely, isn't she!


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