Friday, December 01, 2006

December book review

"Three Weeks with My Brother", by Nicholas Sparks

OK, you have probably already read this one. Nicholas and his brother Micah take a three week trip around the world together. That part of the book was "alright", but what the book is really about is telling his life story in between the story about the trip. This is a very good book "by and about" one of America's favorite authors.


gwadzilla said...

Annie said...

I've read one book by Sparks and that was enough for me. Why didn't I enjoy it? I don't really remember - and that probably says it all. It just wasn't memorable to me.

PEA said...

I haven't read this book but I've heard about it and I have it written down on my list of books I'd like to read. Squire? I hope you let at least a few Gingerbread Men survive??? I laughed so much at your wife's comment on my first I thought I really had forgotten to type out one of the ingredients until I realized what she meant! hehe Too funny!

Linda K said...

I like Nicholas Sparks books--not Shakespeare but good stories. It appears the snow & ice missed you, this time anyway.


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