Thursday, December 14, 2006

Field Trip

OK class, gather around and follow me down this 350 yard raised walkway. There will be placards to read as you walk.

No Annie, you can't take your camera. I will not have you handing out "cheat sheets" for the test at the end of the hike.

I will allow "click to enlarge".


Annie said...

I think you know that I am a teacher.

But now, as a student, I want you to tell me, where is this place?


Annie said...

I'm back to say, "where exactly is this place." I see it's on Baseline Road somewhere.

squire said...

Annie, it is between Brinkley and Helena on highway 49.

squire said...

Annie, after rereading THE SURVEY 1815 placard, I realize how you thought it was on Baseline Road. Baseline Road is a westward extention of the survey. Who would have thought Baseline Road was so historical?

Annie said...

Thanks for the info, Squire. I'll take a Sunday drive out that way sometime soon. But this week, it's the Pig Trail for me (unfortunately, not in the yellow Nissan convertible).

Carole Burant said...

I sooo enjoy these kinds of trails and very interesting!! I received the Christmas card from you & Judy, thank you so much:-)


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