Saturday, December 30, 2006

Surfs up

The holidays ( did I mention I HATE all holidays ) reek havoc on my schedule.

The boss called Friday morning ( I usually leave about noon) and said my run to Texarkana had been cancelled and told me just to "hang loose" and keep my cell phone near.

I was setting here "surfing" when he called about 1 pm and asked me to "hurry" in and run to Hot Springs by way of Malvern Wal-Mart. About 110 miles in all and not over 2 1/2 hours.

I didn't wait to "catch another wave", I just told Frankie and Fabian that I had to go "earn some bread", kissed Annette on the cheek, tossed my board in the woodie and split.

Upon arriving at work I find out my load will not be ready for 30 minutes. While I wait several more "hot shot" runs come in and I ended up not going to Hot Springs.

I finally left the dairy at 4 pm going to Malvern, Camden and El Dorado. A little over 250 miles and I came dragging in a little before midnight.

Those under 30 will probably not understand this post and the older ones will just think it "lame".


Michelle said...

Excellent! Sadly showing every bit of my 43 years ;o)

Wishing you and your family, a happy, safe and healthy 2007 :o)

Zac said...

Just good to see you post something, old man ;)

Linda said...

Having a route with no set route or schedule would be tough. I recommend you stay awake with Beach Boys or Jan & Dean.

Annie said...

Oh, I get it and don't think it's the least bit lame. That tells you something about me, doesn't it.

Happy New Year.


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