Thursday, December 07, 2006


Today I took a load of cream to Fayetteville. We use plastic "totes" similar to the one pictured . The ones we use are insulated and made of plastic. The cream is placed in a large "bladder" inside.

Like this but only on a much larger scale. The totes are
reusable and the bladders are not. Each tote is about 3ft. X 4ft. and 4ft. tall. They will hold about 2000 pds. of cream.

I leave the full totes and pick up the empty ones so we will have them to fill when they want more.

The young man the was running the forklift was "handicapped". His right arm was a little smaller than his left, plus his forearm had no wrist or hand. Just a large smooth knot (almost like a smooth fist) with 2 deformed fingers. He handles the forklift very well as he seems to have complete control over his arm and elbow.

I admire him for working but I also admire PINNACLE FOODS for hiring him and finding a job that he can do. It is a great job for him with benefits and retirement plus the company has a loyal and productive worker.


Linda said...

So the bladders must keep the cream from sloshing into butter, right?

Annie said...

Yes, we are able to do something useful and productive - would that more people recognized this, as you do, Squire.

Anvilcloud said...

That second picture is how most Canadians get their milk -- except we cut the pouring hole as the bags don't have a spout. Americans are usually stunned to learn that our milk comes in bags.

Carole Burant said...

Companies like that who hire handicapped people certainly do have to be commended...they are usually hard workers, to compensate for their handicap. That was interesting to learn how the cream is transported!!


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