Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Victory Garden

I love PBS and one of their best is the longest running gardening show on tv, "The Victory Garden". I'm sure everyone has seen it at some time.

Did you know "the victory garden" evolved from "the war garden" that was an actual government sponsored campaign during the first world war? At the time nearly all the worlds food was grown on small farms. With nearly all the able bodied men suddenly called to war, the world population was on the verge of starving.

Everyone was encouraged to grow what little food they could, no matter how small of a garden. Country folks had always had gardens to feed their families but city folks knew very little about gardens.

National War Garden Commission was formed and it sat out to educate everyone, publishing timely pamphlets as each phase of the season deemed it prudent.

Daylight Saving Time was enacted to add the time for people to tend their garden after work.

You can read all about it here.
  • The War Garden

  • Even if you are not interested in gardening, this is something I think everyone should read. It shows that our country used to have people that found a way " to get the job done".

    For several generations the parents wanted better for their children than they had it. We have "bettered" our selves into a country that most have little knowledge of how to take care our own families.


    Annie said...

    One of the things that has irritated me so much about the leadership in this country is that there has been no call to do anything to conserve resources or to contribute to the public welfare. Your post about what was done in a previous war reminded me again of the importance of good leadership. Perhaps poor leadership is also one of the reasons our country has "bettered itself", as you say, right out of the development of survival and maintenance skills.

    Anvilcloud said...

    I dropped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for being a blogging buddy.

    Kerri said...

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Sam!


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