Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Ride

This is my new work truck. We have 2 identical trucks and this one is assigned to me. I don't know if it is because I go the farthest from the dairy or my nose is the brownest. Doesn't matter to me. I am just very proud of it.

It is a 2007 International 9200i Day Cab tractor. "Day Cab" means it does not have a sleeper. It is equipped with the new generation low emissions Cummins engine. 600 cubic inch engine and rated at 450 horsepower. The 600 c.i. is a little small but the horsepower is up there with the larger older engines. It is supposed to be cleaner burning and more fuel efficient.

This is a lot nicer truck than we currently operate.

It has electric adjustable mirrors on both sides and an electric passenger side window.

Step inside and have a seat. You will notice it has a "tilt and telescoping" steering wheel. It also has cruise control.

The woodgrain dash is well laid out with the usual gauges.

The switches,radio, and heater/ac controls are within easy reach. You can also see the control for the "Jake Brake".

Did I mention it has a 10 speed transmission?

As you entered you saw these buttons on the side of the seat. Please click to enlarge. The red button raises and lowers the air-ride seat. It has about 12 inches of up and down travel. The seat back has 3 air bladders and the grey buttons control those bladders. The seat can also oscillate front to rear. This 2 inches of travel really smooth out the ride or you can lock it in place.

I drove it on my second run today and know that I will enjoy driving it until my retirement. It is governed to run only 68mph but pulls strong until then. The cruise control will only set at 62mph or below. This is to achieve maximum fuel mileage.

It is nice to finally be owned by a company that knows how to spec out trucks.


Annie said...

What a great truck cab, all the comforts one might wish for. Well, I guess I should ask you if there is anything you still wish for since you are the one who spends so much time inside the cab.

squire said...

Annie, the one thing I will miss is a "dump valve" for the rear air bags. It lets you lower the rear of the truck in get under a trailer that has been dropped too low. Saves having to crank the landing gear handle, not easy job on a loaded trailer.

Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations! It looks like a comfy ride.

Gary said...

That is a very fine looking truck. And I'll bet it is really fun to drive. Nice Christmas present for you.


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