Friday, December 15, 2006

Posting comments?

I am having problems posting "comments" to most of the blogs I read. Is it because I am using the "old blogger" and not "beta blogger"? If you can't "comment" on my blog, please e-mail me


Annie said...

I can post to your blog. But something has changed in the past week re Blogger. I couldn't post under my name to beta.blogs; could only post under anonymous. Others reported they weren't having the problem.

I switched to beta and now non-beta bloggers show up as anonymous.

I think blogger must be in a transitional period, moving to beta.


Carole Burant said...

It's exactly as Annie is saying, they are doing the switch over and it's affecting non beta bloggers being able to comment on beta bloggers and vice versa. For now what I've done, I've opened up a Google use your email address and a password and then you can comment with that on Beta blogs.

Patience said...

Yep, same thing here! I would write a post, then it wouldn't go. Those who have upgraded to beta have told me that the posts from beta users show up as anon after they have upgraded. Hopefully this little bug will be fixed soon! In the meantime, maybe it's time to upgrade, as it seems we'll have to eventually anyway!

Linda said...

Yes, I also have an account with Google & have to sign in before I can post under my name. Your trip looks fascinating. Looking forward to spending more time on it.


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