Friday, March 02, 2007

Legs ( yes, I've got purtie ones )

While in France my son and I will be doing a great deal of walking. My job requires that I use my legs as I pull several hundred cases of milk from one trailer to another.

The problem with that is I walk backward while pulling the stacks of milk (on average a stack of milk will weigh about 150 pounds). This compacts the muscles in my back and my legs. My work boots have heals on them as compared to walking shoes. I often have back problems when doing a little walking in tennis shoes after wearing boots most of the time. My legs are strong but just not used to normal walking.

For the trip I purchased a new pair of walking shoes and a day-use backpack. Walking is getting my feet and the new shoes used to each other and stretching out my calf and thigh muscles.

The backpack will be for carrying my jacket, umbrella, bottled water and any thing else that might be needed for the day. I have a case for my camera ( just in case I might want to take a picture or two) that I will wear on my belt.

I can not believe that in less than three weeks this old simple country boy will be walking around Paris, France.


Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to hear some stories and see some of the pictures you take while in France visiting your son. How about a post in French?

Annie said...

Hi Squire,

You could walk backwards some of the time :) I've seen quite a few tourists looking up and backing up as they've visited new sites.

I bet you're going to have a wonderful time with your very own personal tour guide.

Boopgirl said...

This country girl still cannot believe she was in Paris,France!
You are in for an amazing trip.


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