Monday, March 05, 2007

Seat Covers

The weather is getting nicer and it makes my job more enjoyable. From my vantage point in the cab of my truck I have a nice view into passing cars. Over the years I have seen some sights. Truck drivers call it "checking out the seat covers".

Today as I was "doing my duty", I saw something I had never seen before.

A Ford pickup with Alabama tags passed and the driver was playing this . He had his left hand resting on the steering wheel and pumping the instrument with his right hand. I call it a Hand Squeezebox. It probably has a different name but Google came up with this picture.


Annie said...

Great story! Stories about things you see would likely amaze us all.

Patience said...

I want one of those things! That would so help me pass the time on my 30+ minutes commute every morning! And it might even keep me awake!!

Anonymous said...

The instrument you saw is called a concertina, and is used frequently in Cajun music. My sister plays the accordion, and on occassion she has fiddled around with a concertina. They have a great sound to them.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when my husband and I are traveling and we are out there on the road and I look up into the semi cabs I wonder if the truckers notice things going on in the cars below. I guess they do. I am usually the one curled up in the back seat sleeping.


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