Saturday, March 03, 2007

Two Moons

Yesterday we had a beautiful full moon in the afternoon. Every time I see one, a big smile comes over my face. Here is the story behind that smile.

When my son was about four years old he had a little trouble pronouncing some letters. So "moon" came out "boon".

After playing in the back yard on his swing set, he came in the house for something to drink. After his mom gave him something to drink, he started to go back to the swing set and just happened to look out the front door.

He became very excited and started jumping up and down and calling for his mom. She came running and he said, "two boons, two boons".

He took his mom by the hand and led her to the front door and pointed to the moon. She could not understand his meaning of "two moons".

He then took his mom out the back door and into the back yard. He then pointed over the house to the moon and said, "see mom, two boons".


dragonfly183 said...

I am so glad to see that you have a blog your updating regularly. the first time you posted on my blog I checked your profile and the most recent entry I found was a year old. i will be adding your link now ;).

Thats a very cute story also. I have a story similar to that. I was 3 I think. It was after Christmas. We were cleaning up the wrapping paper and someone asked me what I wanted to for Christmas next year. My eyes got really big and I said "You mean it comes again!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

That's an amusing anecdote. It's easy to forget what the world looks like through a childs eyes.

Boopgirl said...

My favorite story of our son's young life, it'll always made me smile.

Annie said...

Stories are treasures for our hearts.

Thanks for telling this one, Squire.


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