Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Computer Desk

I knew I wanted to custom build a computer desk for our new Cardinal travel trailer but I changed the design several times and this is what I finally built.

This is the picture of the unit that we used to order our trailer. Ours has hardwood flooring in the kitchen and living room but it shows where I wanted the computer desk. The desk would sit in front of the window and the recliner would be our computer chair.

I wanted the desk to match the kitchen cabinets so I ordered doors from the factory. I then changed my design after I realized if I put the printer behind doors and the CPU behind a door on the other side, then it would limit the width where my legs go under the table.

This is the final design I chose to built. I notched the back to clear the window treatment and put a back splash around it.

The desk has the CPU unit, DSL, and surge protector behind the door. The left end of the desk is open to let the CPU unit breath. The scanner printer and monitor on the desk. The keyboard and mouse is on a pull-out tray.

Ready to use, it seems to fit the bill.

The colors blend very well as the desk takes on a lighter or darker shade depending on the light. This shot shows the desk, kitchen cabinets and hardwoods floors.

Add the recliner and I am ready to update my blog and check on all the blogs I visit.

I usually use stain and top it with polyurethane but this time I tried the polyurethane with the stain already mixed in. The problem with it is if you get a run then the stain accumulates at the bottom of the run. On horizontal surfaces it is fine but on vertical panels it tends to run. I feel it is more of a spray application.

All-in-all I am very pleased with the desk and it is built with three-quarter inch oak plywood and one inch oak lumber so it is built to last.


Tracy said...

Nice setup, Squire!

Ellie said...

Hi Squire,

Don't know if you are interested or not, I started a new blog and invite you to stop by if you want to.

I think it is interesting how you made this computer desk to fit your needs..it really blends in well with your other cabinets...am looking forward to more RV living stories..do you guys drive your RV around on weekends or is it always parked? I have more questions about your lifestyle and am hoping you do blog about it some more...



Anonymous said...

Sorry this is so late - I've got a lot of catching up to do.

I'm impressed with the design and workmanship of your computer desk. I noticed that you have a Media Center computer, and was wondering if you use the MC features at all? The "Ken Burns" pan and zoom slideshow effects are great for slideshow presentations of your photos.

Unknown said...

You did a great job of matching that desk with the rest of the cabinets. Love those Cardinals. We have a 34 ft Jayco TT with two slides. Have been fulltiming since 8/2000. Glad to meet you.


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